In my work I incorporate sculptural and painted elements to create a narrative that vibrates in the space between thought and action; I try to divide the time within a single moment where there is a suggestion of something felt but not yet acted on. The combination of sculpture and painting pushes the tension between stillness and action. The nude cast figures become emblematic heraldic images of humans, messengers of both strength and vulnerability. They are statues caught between a tactile and illusionistic presence.  

The figures project self possession and inner resolution. The settings are chosen as reflections of the poses. The relationships between the models is left unclear. The settings are drawn from memories of urban and rural places, some are fantastical and come out of my imagination. I connect the geometry of nature, cities and the mind.

The figures in my work are plaster casts of clay sculptures, the settings are constructed using wood, plaster and Styrofoam that can be cut, molded, carved and shaped. I set up these elements and see what is suggested. The construction of the piece is a vital part of my process. In the crafting and the choice of materials and painting I find many opportunities for discovery and experimentation.